Tips from Paul and Doug from the front lines of the flood

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Paul and Doug wanted to share some tips after helping out friends:

1. Spare Floor Carpets and Sheets… When you gain access to your basement you may need to cover all flooring the leads to the basement, this will reduce the effects of work boots and high traffic to and from the basement.

2. Furniture Movers…Move all furniture out of the line of restoration equipment traffic to your basement; which,  may involve large hoses and heavy equipment.

3. Bins and Containers…. Tupperware bins with lips will help sort and move small items from the basement to upstairs. They stack and allow you a moment to regroup your items and keep memorable items organized until they can go back downstairs.

4.Outside debris, outside… If possible when your restoration/cleanup begins try to keep a pathway cleared outside so that outside debris is kept outside.

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